3rd Party Audits – The Certification Process

We undertake Certification Audits on behalf of a number of Certification Bodies. Having access to a range of certification bodies allows us to recommend the most suitable certification body for your business.

For all your auditing needs, you will be assigned a dedicated Practice Manager who will be your direct contact for all your requirements that ABC Services can help with. Your Practice Manager will be contactable 24/7.

Your Practice Manager will liaise with you to gain a clear understanding of your business and your needs in terms of certification. We will facilitate the application process and ensure the best possible outcome with the certification body of your choice. The certification audit process will take place as follow:

Pre-Certification or Stage 1 Audit – this stage is also known as Document Review or Desk Top audit which aims at assessing your organisation’s readiness to undergo the Certification or Stage 2 audit. Where a lot of auditing professionals see this as theoretical exercise, we use this as an opportunity to not only asses your system documentation but also to review your business and operation and provide with all necessary feedback on areas of concern in order to ensure your Certification Audit is completed in a satisfactory and beneficial manner to your organisation. Many of our clients have referred to the Pre-Certification audit as the tutorial before the exam.

Certification or Stage 2 Audit – This audit aims at determining whether your Management System complies with the certification standard(s) or not. During this audit, we take an in-depth look at your system, verify compliance of your system against records that have been generated or activities which are in progress and on conclusion recommend you for certification. In the event of identification of any Non-Conformity that may prevent the certification to be recommended, we will provide you with all the necessary information so you can develop your corrective action plan and submit to the Certification Body, so the Non-Conformance could be closed and certification to proceed.

Please note, as we will be representing the Certification Body during your audits, therefore to maintain impartiality we cannot be involved in preparing your system, however, should you require assistance with preparation for the audit, we can assist you with sourcing the right support from the Management System Consultants in your locality to help with your system